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Amusement - COOLBULL

The most spectacular entertainment in the Wild West is Rodeo – Cowboy rides on furious bulls. How courageous and crafty one should be to remain in the saddle. Of course, cowboys are trained professionals.  But are we worse?! 

For those who enjoy extreme and would like to experience new and unusual emotions we offer a mechanical bull ride. Test your skill, strength and simply enjoy yourself on this cool amusement.

COOLBULL can be used both outdoors and indoors. It is managed by an operator who is constantly making sure that the fun is safe. From the moment you get on the bull and until the end of your ride, the operator is on alert and controls the process at all times.  

COOLBULL has 9 levels of difficulty. This makes the amusement ride available to people with different callisthenics. Even a child can test his/her courage and power – safety is guaranteed.

Rodeo is not only a spectacle but could also become a competition. Emulative spirit and passion is sustained by an electronic stop-watch. The timer keeps track of who can remain in the saddle the longest. So, go ahead!


          COOLBULL is delivered to the client, assembled and prepared for use

          Necessary free area – level ground 5x5 meters

          Energy outlets 220 V; 3.3 КV

          Minimum door opening is 86 cm

          Minimum ceiling height is 275 cm

Price includes:

          Transfer of COOLBULL within Moscow Ring Road

          Assembling and de-montage of the amusement ride

          Operator’s work during the term of leasing

Services to be paid additionally:

          Leasing Power Generator – if client can not provide access to the electricity

          Transfer of the equipment beyond Moscow Ring Road

          Complicated terms of delivery  


Alexander Yevchun +7(495) 782-80-01