Working with DAMiLON is a pleasure of working with a highly professional team always seeking exceptional results!

DAMiLON offers special conditions and best prices in the market for event management companies.

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Roving photo saloon

This service can be used as a special module within big events or independently.


          Photo saloon “DAMiLON” includes delivery of all necessary equipment for photographing, printing, framing and decorating photos to the venue.

          Area of photographing set is 17 m

(Additional decorations can be delivered for extra charge)

          It is also necessary to have a 5 m subsidiary room for processing and framing photos.

          During one event a photo saloon can produce up to 1500 photos

          Photos are decorated in frames of your choice

          Guests can pick up their stylized photos at the end of event

Photographing can be executed in costumes corresponding to the concept of event (retro style, exotic, historical, etc.). In addition, you company LOGO can be printed on all photos or frames.

Cost includes:

          Preparing a working place, installing equipment and system of suspended backgrounds “Manfrotto”

          Work of photographer and assistant

          Expendable materials and equipment

          Two costumes:  men’s and women’s

          Photo frames

Photo saloon “DAMiLON” successfully served corporate events of the following companies: bank BSGV, Tetra Pak, Total, BAT, Kraft, Sodexho, Rubin, Glavbuh and others.


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