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Roulette (fun casino)

This is your chance to make a memorable and thrilling party for your guests! Create an atmosphere of excitement and risk at the office, at home or anywhere else!

Guests take part in the game without losing real money. FUN money with your company LOGO and special design will serve as bank notes in the game. Professional croupier will help you out on the details of the game. Make your parties spectacular and unusual!


          Roulette table is delivered to the client and assembled ready for use

          Necessary area for the table – level ground  2x3 meters

Leasing cost includes:

          Transfer of equipment within Moscow Ring Road

          Assembling and de-montage

          Croupier during the term of leasing

Services to be paid additionally:

          Production and design of bank notes with your LOGO

          Transfer of the equipment beyond Moscow Ring Road

          Complicated terms of delivery  


Alexander Yevchun +7(495) 782-80-01